Active Members

Welcome to the heart of our club, our Active Members. These are the excellent men and women who make it all happen. Get on the air and try to contact each of them.

First Name Last Name Call Sign Email Class Status
Thomas Butas KM4AEM [email protected] General ACTIVE
Michael Edwards KI5BLK [email protected] Extra ACTIVE
James Harris KF5TPT [email protected] Extra ACTIVE
Joshua Harris KI5JFX [email protected] Technician ACTIVE
James Johnson KI5ZKT [email protected] TECHNICIAN ACTIVE*
Kenneth Johnson KB0ZTX [email protected] Extra ACTIVE
Douglas Kave KI5ZKS [email protected] TECHNICIAN ACTIVE*
Brian Kusler AI5HG [email protected] Extra ACTIVE
James Martin KM4USQ [email protected] Extra ACTIVE
Chris Peaks KI5OCB [email protected] Technician ACTIVE
Dennis Sayer K9DSS [email protected] General ACTIVE
Stephen Shahan KI5UTQ [email protected] Extra ACTIVE*
Richard Shaw KF5OIM [email protected] Extra ACTIVE
Robert Stroud KD5BS [email protected] Extra ACTIVE
Russell Strunk KF5HAJ [email protected] Extra ACTIVE
Ronald Thomas KY4OO [email protected] EXTRA ACTIVE
Jack Thompson N5UOV [email protected] Extra ACTIVE
Ed Thornsburg KF8PD [email protected] Extra ACTIVE
Sandi Thornsburg AB8LA [email protected] Extra ACTIVE
Robert White AI4GI [email protected] Extra ACTIVE
Dennis Wofford K5OLV [email protected] Extra ACTIVE
Noel Wright W5KDM [email protected] Extra ACTIVE

*Members may request to opt out from having any contact information displayed. Click on Opt Out to make this request by email.