Volunteer Examiners

FCC created the VEC system to provide initial licensing examination for prospective new hams and upgrade examination opportunities for those already licensed. FCC authorized VEC organizations oversee the work of their certified Volunteer Examiners (VEs) and serve as a liaison between the exam applicants and the FCC.VECs coordinate the efforts of Volunteer Examiners (VEs) in preparing and administering amateur service operator license examinations. The coordinating VEC screens collected information, resolves all discrepancies, and forwards all required data to the FCC electronically. All VECs are authorized to coordinate examination sessions at any location an examination can be administered. A VEC, however, may choose to limit its area of operation to a particular geographical area. Read More...

OBARC is lucky to have so many Extra and General Class license holders that serve as Volunteer Examiners. This allows the club to hold regular license testing sessions - usually just prior to our regular monthly business meeting. We conduct testing for Technician, General and Extra class licenses. The club is affiliated with the ARRL and follow the testing guidelines established by that organization. For successful candidates, call signs are usually returned within a day or so. Let us know when you are ready for your license test by sending an email here.

Volunteer Examiners (VEs) are US licensed Radio Amateurs holding a General Class license or higher, who offer their time to administer the FCC licensing exams through a FCC authorized Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (VEC) organization. The ARRL VEC is the largest VEC organization in the US. A team of three or more ARRL VEs are able to test candidates applying for a new license or upgrading an existing license.

Learn how you can become a VE associated with the ARRL VEC program by reviewing the Examiner Manual.

First Name Last Name Call Sign License Class Email VEC 1 VEC 2 VEC 3
Thomas Butas KM4AEM General tbutas@aol.com ARRL
Michael Edwards KI5BLK Extra ki5blkmikey@gmail.com ARRL
James Martin KM4USQ Extra jdmartin521@yahoo.com ARRL
James Story KH0DW Extra jimstory4jesus@gmail.com ARRL
Robert Stroud KD5BS Extra KD5BS@ARRL.net ARRL LAUREL
Russell Strunk KF5HAJ Extra kf5haj@gmail.com ARRL
Jack Thompson N5UOV Extra n5uov@comcast.net ARRL
Ed Thornsburg KF8PD Extra kf8pd@siscom.net ARRL LAUREL
Gary Weatherford W5EMA EXPERT
Wade Wingfield KB5SSG Extra kb5ssg@yahoo.com ARRL