Club Officers

Greetings form the Olive Branch Amateur Radio Club! As elected officers for the club for 2022, we want to encourage you to practice your HAM Radio skills, participate in HAM activities and join us for monthly meetings and weekly Nets. You can find out more about our Club on various pages of this website. Please let us know if there is information you need or would like to see covered by this site. You can always reach us by using our Contact Us email link in the footer of each page.

Jim Story

James (Jim) Story is a third generation Californian who moved to the mid-South in 1995 to take a pilot job with FedEx. Jim learned about amateur radio while in High School from one of his instructors. He recently became active in the hobby and passed his General and later Extra class license at an Olive Branch Amateur Radio Club testing session. He enjoys engineering ham radio towers, hanging out on HF bands, and most of all trading stories and camaraderie with his fellow hams. He is presently retired from FedEx and lives in DeSoto county just outside of Byhalia MS.

Vice President
Bobby Stroud

Retired from ATT, Bobby is a native of Grenada, MS but has lived in Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota Tennessee and in Olive Branch, MS. Bobby has an MBA in Information Systems with undergraduate degrees in both Finance and Accounting. His professional working career was spent in Systems, Engineering, Software Development and IT Management related disciplines serving as Vice President of several large corporations and Chief Information Office in an Atlanta company. He has been in Olive Branch for 15 years. Bobby got into Amateur Radio in 2019 by getting his Technician License in April, his General in December of that same year and his Extra in January of 2020. His interests are in Repeaters and Digital capabilities especially as it relates to bridging digital to analog or other digital modes.

Dennis Wofford

Dennis grew up in Olive Branch, MS, his family having moved from Memphis when he was six years old. After spending eight years away from home serving as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force, he and his wife, Gayle (N5SIE), returned to their hometown in 1992. He is currently employed by Fedex flying the Airbus A300 freighter out of Memphis, TN. Dennis graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. His interest in Ham Radio began as a teenager. He obtained his Technician license at the age of 15. In 1989 he upgraded to General and then Advance class of license before finally getting his Extra class license in 2000 . He has been a member of the Olive Branch Amateur Radio Club since 2011 and enjoys contesting, digital modes, and monkeying around with the club repeaters.

Richard Shaw

Richard Shaw was born and raised in the Memphis / Bartlett area but has called Southaven home for more than 18 years now along with his YL Melissa KK5MEL, two sons and one daughter. Richard developed the love for computer technology from his father, also a ham, NF4H (SK) and became interested in emergency preparedness and Amateur Radio several years ago. He obtained his General License in 2012 and upgraded to Extra in 2018. An advocate of Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS), Richard is not only and advocate but an avid user of Fedora Linux as his primary operating system for both work and for fun. Richard has been a Fedora Packager for over 10 years, maintaining most of the major Ham Radio packages including Fldigi and all its sub-packages, WSJTX, FreeDV, QSSTV and theAX.25 stack used in many of the amateur radio TNC packages today. Richard is also one of the developers for FreeDV/Codec2, mainly rewriting the build system from scratch and packaging it for Windows. He is also an avid Solar enthusiast building both a Solar capability for Ham Radio but also for his entire home.

VE Coordinator
Wade Wingfield

I have an Associate of electronic engineering from State Tech (West Tennessee Community College) in Memphis. Holds an FCC GROL license (formerly first-class license) and an EXTRA class Amateur Radio License. Worked for Sharp Manufacturing for 13 years as an electronics trouble shooter. Spent 15 years with ATT as a Power Technician for working to trouble shoot power problems, wired phone circuits and fiber circuits. Managed several ATT backup generators ranging from 60kw to 1.3Mw for facilities backup power.