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Single board computers (SBC) are fund and effective solutions for many projects and very reasonably priced for the most part. There are images available with pre-installed ham radio applications for a wide variety of radio solutions. Before you undertake these projects, make sure you know how to format an SD card, as well as how to burn and image to and SD card. Instructions and free software are available on-line. The process is pretty simple.
  1. Get an SD card - usually 8 - 64 GB cards. You can get these from Amazon. Get the faster versions.
  2. Format the card using some free software specifically for SD cards.
  3. Download an image that you want to use from the various interment sources.
  4. Using free SD card imager like "BalenaEtcher", burn your image onto the SD card.
  5. Place the SD card in the card slot on the Raspberry Pi and power it up.

Note that Raspberry Pi computers DO NOT come with a keyboard, mouse or display. The RPi 3B and 4b support HDMI to a monitor for display and also have 4 USB ports to support a USB mouse and USB keyboard. These devices also have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built into the board. Support is available for Bluetooth keyboards and mice.

Raspberry Pi