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The Olive Branch Amateur Radio Club was fonded in 1998 with an initial membership of four to six amateur operators.  The club serves our membership who live in the general area from Southaven, MS to Byhalia, MS.  We operate two repeaters - a two-meter repeater in Olive Branch and a 70 centimeter repeater in Lewisburg, MS.  We focus on serving our membership, the community and provide communications services to the DeSoto County Emergency Response authorities in the event of area natural disasters.

The main objectives of the Club are:

  • Promote and facilitate community participation in amateur radio.
  • Provide meeting and learning for members in the skill necessary to advance their skills in the art and science of amateur radio.
  • Provide a responsive service to the community and emergency responders in the event of natural or man-made disasters.
  • Encourage partnerships with local youth groups and encourage the youth to participate in amateur radio and communications as a service, and a recreational hobby. 

Types of Membership

There are 2 types of membership:

  • Full Single - $25 a year - individual membership
  • Family - $35 a year - entire family membership

As a club, we constantly strive to provide an environment that encourages learning in the art of Amateur Radio. We welcome new members to participate in all club activities, learn the tricks of the trade and pass along what you have learned to others. We encourage all members to progress to the highest license levels. We encourage all Extra class license holders to become Volunteer Examiners to assist in the expansion our testing capabilities for new prospective HAM radio enthusiasts and those obtaining upgrades to higher levels of license attainment.

By joining, you agree to abide by the club's constitution. All full members have voting rights at organized Club meetings. Please read the constitution for details. We conduct meetings once a month - sometimes in face-to-face settings and most recently by Zoom due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Continue to the form below if you would like to join. A separate application is required for each member even if you select a Family Membership.

If you have questions regarding membership in the Olive Branch Amateur Radio Club, please contact us.

Olive Branch ARC
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I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understand and accept the Olive Branch Amateur Radio Club's Privacy Policy, Constitution and By-Laws.

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