Modes - Analog and Digital!

At OBARC we pride ourselves in using the tried and true analog phone mode as well as newer digital modes. Modes is the term used to define the type of modulation used to generate a message. You can read more on Amateur Radio Modes here.

Below, we discuss each of the modes we use on our repeaters.


We are active in APRS reflecting with an iGATE and a Digipeater operating in the Craft Rd and Hwy 302 vicinity. APRS also supports global callsign-to-callsign messaging, bulletins, objects email and Voice because every local area is seen by the Internet System (APRS-IS)! APRS should enable local and global amateur radio operator contact at any time. anywhere and using any device. See the APRS Messaging/Contact Initiative. .


OBARC hosts the EchoLink room K5OLV-L. This room is operated by a local member and is always actively connected and can be controlled by any HAM operator. If you connect to another node, please set it back to the K5OLV-L room when finished use.

Wires X

OBARC hosts the Wires X room "The Magnolia Room" on the Olive Branch 147.255 repeater, and The "OBARC Room" on the Lewisburg repeater.

  • The Magnolia-Link, "Mississippi's Digital Gathering Place" can be found at Room #64052
  • The OBARC Room, "Olive Branch Amateur Radio Club" can be found at Room #68409